to the website of Lifpress - the clever waste press

We´d like to present a waste press to you, which is favourable, simple and efficient as well. The volume of your waste will be reduced to 50%, which means taht you´ll save 50% of your waste fees! The idea itself is ingenious. Let us inform you on our product and show you it´s worth!

Containers are demonstrably not damaged and the pouring ability of the waste material is further ensured!

For consumers: You save 50% of your waste fees. Did you calculate that already?

For distributors: You market a new product. As your customers make/save money with LiftPress, the sales of Easypress makes even fun. You will increase your turnovers clearly.

Now your waste fees will be reduced

Simply have a look on our side. If you have suggestions or questions concerning our products and services or simply need further information and want to contact us, click at "contact" on these pages or send us an E-Mail.

Thanks a lot for your visit. We are glad, if we can help you.


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