Product information

Waste disposal is necessary, but hasn´t to be expensive.

Private or commercial, willy-nilly. Year by year you bring much money on the garbage. The waste disposal in a 1100 litres collector (DIN 30700) shows costs up to 4000 Euro and more at a weekly emptying of one container.

Time to strike back: You can undertake something. Reduce the garbage volume and thus your costs - by at least 50 per cent, only in five minutes at the most.

Using LiftPress, this works very simple, cleanly and completely profitably.

With LiftPress the sight would be more beautiful, halve or quarter your waste container/waste fees with LiftPress!

Liftpress Anwendungsbeispiel

New free space. In Euro and m².

You identify substantial progress by the fact that it makes the life more beautiful and counting. LiftPress makes both. Because of its sensationally low purchase price of 1199, - Euro (net) for the set of press attachment and stacker HanseLifter SDJ, LiftPress is amortized in shortest time.

+++ Only for 1199,- Euro (net), delivered free, 7 days on sale or return, If you do not like it, so send it back and you will get your money back +++

Furthermore LiftPress creates completely new possibilities: LiftPress users can reduce the number of the emptying container, do without further containers or abolish already existing. That creates effectively area - for new parking place, a sandbox or fresh green for example. In each case more attractively than a waste container.

The function is completely simply.

The LiftPress works from down, i.e. the container is pressed from down against a press stamp. Thus waste quantities of all kinds are pressed without damaging the waste container and rolls. By the way with largest guarantee: The LiftPress construction is CE certificated.

WAs all good ideas, LiftPress is easily to understand: The LiftPress press upper part is set on a stacker. You drive to the full waste container and take up this with the forks and than simply pump up and the waste will be pressed.

LiftPress fits according to standard for 800 and 1100 litres tanks.

By the way: LiftPress is demountable in 2 parts (per 20 kg) and without problems to be installed alone.